Sending Email on Adaptive Form Submission



After reading this Article, You should have an Understanding of –

  • Day CQ Mail Configuration in AEM
  • Adaptive form submission as Email.


In real time application, we came across the scenario where we have to send a confirmation email to the submitter on successful submission of Adaptive Form. We will discuss all the steps to accomplish this.

Hence, without any further delay,  let’s get started :-

Day CQ Mail Configuration in AEM

Mail Template and Mailing Configuration

We can send the form data with or without email template. Here, we will cover both the cases.

#1 : Without Email Template

  • First of all we need to design the adaptive form as per your requirements.
  •  Now open the adaptive form container and navigate to submission and select submit action as Send email.
  •  Give proper subject Name,  From, To and Email Template and save the configuration.
  • Open the form in new tab, fill all the details and submit the form.
  • You will receive the mail with form details successfully.
Adaptive Form Container
Form Container
Form Submission
Email Sample

#2 : With Email Template

  • In Adaptive form container instead of writing Email Template directly, We can browse the Email Template path and save the configuration.
  • Rest of the configuration will be same as #1 step.

 Sample Email Template

					Hi ${name},

Below are your details:

Name - ${name}
DOB - ${dob}
Address - ${address}
Phone - ${phoneNumber}



  • So in this post, we tried to cover acknowledgement email after successful submission of adaptive form. I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions to make it better.

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